WordPress Themes: Dress-up for your website

wordpress themes

Okay, first things first: for the love of God do not just use the default WordPress theme UNLESS you have the skills and intention to modify the crap out of it. If you know PHP even at a basic level it’s not hard to do, WordPress has laid it all out for you. The open source movement and this websites are all about free love, man. You don’t need to have a degree in graphic design, lord knows I don’t. Nothing brings on a full-blown-fumbling-around-for-my-inhaler anxiety attack like a blank Photoshop document for me. I once had a nightmare that I was interviewing for for a design position at a fairly prestigious web dev company, absolutely terrifying. But I digress, point is that you shouldn’t just set your site up with the 2095 theme or whatever year it is now (I assume that this website will long outlive me and you are all reading this directly in your brains) and call it a day. Why? Because you are going to look like about a billion other websites who didn’t have a senpai to tell them any better.

How about this, there are literally thousands of professional and eye catching themes out there that are literally 100% free. How? Open source. Because you can’t, like, own information, man. Also the theme developer probably put a link back to their website at the bottom of the theme, thus creating a backlink and boosting their Google ranking for when potentially paying clients search for a web designer. Whatever, let them have it. They built you a goddamn theme and are letting you use it for free. Do you know how long it takes to make a theme from scratch? Basically forever, especially if Photoshop is an enigma wrapped in a mystery for you. There are so many buttons man wtf. Getting back to things I actually understand, I can teach you about SEO dark sorcery stuff sometime if you want.

Seriously you guys, it’s so freaking easy to install new themes too. You can look through all of them on WordPress, then go to your ‘Appearance’ menu on the left hand side of the screen there and click on ‘Themes’. See that ‘Add New’ button at the top? Click that with conviction, type in the name of your theme in the search bar on the right, install that son of a bitch, activate it, and then marvel at how majestic your website looks. Like a unicorn jumping over a rainbow in outer space, I bet.

So don’t let me catch you using an unadulterated default theme, senpai will not be pleased. Look this guy even made a video for you.